Larsen Ranch

Performance & Efficiency

Our philosophy has always been to raise fertile, low birth weight, high maternal, low maintenance Angus cattle, with extra muscle, fleshing ability and performance. This means a cow that doesn’t need any extra help and brings in a big calf every year. With this in mind, we feel we have developed a very high-performing and efficient cow herd.

50th Annual Production Sale
March 25, 2024 at the Ranch Forsyth, MT

Thank you for your interest in our breeding program. We are very proud of the fact that our family has been raising Registered Angus since 1949 and continue to strive to put together a package of sound, balanced traits in our bulls that will also leave you with a top set of replacement females. 


120 Performance Yearling Angus Bulls in 2024

Our program continues to use the best AI sires in the breed along with some of our best homegrown sires. Our goal is to raise bulls that will add pay weight to your calf crop, and leave you with the best replacement females available. Our ultrasound data has proven our herd to be at the very top of the breed for carcass quality.

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